Saturday, July 23, 2011

I am tWENty years old... I think you all know what I deserve!

Hello everyone. It has been QUITE awhile. A lot has happened since lent (by the way I dropped out. I couldn't resist ryan.) Today was my birfday. Today I turned 20 years old. Sorry fellas. No longer your possible teenage dream. But! I may or may not be willing to be your twenties dream... whaaaaaaaaa??? I'm not even really sure what that means. ANYWAY. Today was great. I spent it with some of the greatest people in my life, my famdamily. They are great. Although we missed Corbin, Ali, Brian, and Aunt Ev. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN!)

There has been a sign on the guest bedroom door since I got home from Rexburg. It reads "Emily is not allowed in this room. Thank you, The management." Mother is so funny. I got to go in the room today! And guess what!!! John and Rainy surprised me with an awesome old desk and chair! I am so excited to fix them up!!! Talk about mother-daughter bonding time.

Dad also got me a peanut of my own! Now I don't have to use the scary broken one at school. HOORAY!!!

For this years festival I decided it would be wicked awesome to have a medievil swim slash karaoke party at the rental house! (see what I did there?! I mixed parents with rental! ... broseph) I was a little disappointed when no one showed up in their costumes. LAME! It's okay. We still had tonz'o'fun. We started off the night with food of course. Chel bell and mother made me my fave. CAFE RIO!!! It was delish as usual. After our bellies were stuffed, we decided to burn off some cals so we took it to the backyard for a very competitive game of croquet.

Team Pictures

It was all fun and games till the turtles got involved. Silly turtles. Always so needy!

Good thing Rainy was around to save the day with her brain! Genius mom... that's what she is!

Just gotta bait the turtles away from the game. SO SMART!
And she even dropped out of college! Just. Like. Me.

Anyway. After I practically won the tourney, we were all super sweaty from our work out that we took a lil dip in the pool.
Three Human Stack... Success.

Oh how bout one more. NO. Definite failure.

I'm just a little obsessed with this kid.

Grandma and Zodee

This next part contains adult content (kissing!) yikes!
Raelie was in a kissy mood obviously!

So was Jenna

After I opened Jeff and Jenna's present, (awesome owl ring) Jenna would only accept gratitude in the form of a direct kiss on the mouth. I was obviously a little shy. Probably because I'm practically a virgin again and also because it seemed SUPER LEZZY!!!! I mean come on Jenny. I know we're super close, but we're not blood!
This is my nervous face...

Here's the awesome ring jefferey and jennafur got me. Love it! Thanks guys!

Chels hand crafted me the cutest pin cushion. Someday I'll be as crafty as she is.
Chelsea=Best friend/Craft hero

Mitch and Krissy. Mitch is being bashful as usual. Good thing too... I would be nervous to show his nips on the internet. Thanks for covering up brother.

Raelyn takin her nightly bath in the sink... it's normal I think. She really enjoyed it though. You can tell by the way her face is.

My glorious mother did it again. Always takin care of my taste buds. MMMMMMMM I LOVE PINK LEMONADE PIE!!!! baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! It's the best.
Don't let the frown fool you. I was happy. That's just my party hard face. After awhile it just gets stuck like this. Stay in school kids.

Pretty sure everyone knew my wish. My fellow bloggers, believe me. I want to tell you. But I can't. I'm sorry.

So Mitch and Kristin thought it would be super fun to bring a pin(tilde)ata to the party. AND THEY WERE RIGHT! IT WAS FUN!! Mitch (bless his heart) thought he was buying a 20 pinata...

Surprise!!! I'm fifty!

I'm fidy. I'm fidy and I know it!!

The boys had a little TOO much fun wackin at the darn thang.

People really shouldn't give me large amounts of candy at a time. I go cRaAaAzY!!!

It was a great birthday. Thanks to my favorite family in the whole world. You guys are the best. I love you all so much. MAMA, THANKS FOR BIRTHING ME INTO OUR FAMILY!!!!


  1. haha love the bday post. i especially love the candy pics at the end.
    and about that kiss. so what if it is lezzy? you would've loved it either way. when i give you your xmas present, you'll be sure to kiss me... it's just a matter of time.

  2. hahahahaha!!! I love it when you post! you are heeelarious!
    do more, do more!

  3. hahahahaha ems! im so excited to also celebrate friday as well and you can take tons of pictures and title a post "birthday weekend round 2?? i think so" cant wait. i love you, ya old lady!!

  4. ps im dying!!! you got a peanut!!! hahahahaha now come to school so you can use it..